Camera, regie, editing.

Film about The Village Hub; a Sweet Sustainable Solution. A promising project by Willie Smits and the Masarang Foundation. Forests in Indonesia are burned to make way for palm oil plantations. The habitat of local people and nature (including apes) is alarmingly curtailed. Indonesian conservationist and scientist Willie Smits offers an economical alternative, that does not destroy, but actually supports it: the Village Hub. It is based on sugar palms, champion in photosynthesis. Cameraman Raymond Hartman and director Daniel Nijenhuis filmed the patented invention, animator Lukas Brouwer clarified the no-waste processes. This simple mini-factory helps traditional sugar palm farmers (tappers) to bring the sugar from sugar palms to economic value, by producing syrup and bioethanol. Fossil fuel is priceless for most, nevertheless heavily subsidized and often sell out in remote areas of Indonesia. The Village Hub puts an economic carrier among diverse jungle and thus provides the local population a sustainable development perspective. Besides sugar and bioethanol the Village Hub supplies electricity, excellent drinking water, fodder based on algae and soil improver for farmlands. The factory consists of off the shelf parts, fits in a few containers and can be taken into remote areas.